Nanites of Lunaria

October 16, 2014


I should devote more time to describing the world of Lunarian and the lives of its characters. The theme of the writing is intended to embody the idea that people can  pursue their own identities, that they can rise above their ordinary circumstances, and that they do have the power to flourish with the help of like-minded people.

So far, The Orange Cat, the Sword of Training, the Secret Garden, Claire and Pem, Rissa and Turlo, and now Twin Scepters have chronicled the adventures of Claire, a young person who leaves her earth behind and arrives in very dangerous place called Lunaria where she becomes the fulcrum of a great power struggle.

In the world of Lunaria, Claire encounters strange machines, constructs, ordinary flesh and blood people of good and evil intent, household prognosticators, machine-powered oracles, robotic mystics, and many other strange things. She meets and marries Pemburton Windover, the young heir to the throne, and they begin a new reign with high hopes and admirable ambitions.

Claire’s main talent lies in being able to interact with the swarms of tiny artificial creatures she calls nanites, a term borrowed from a magazine she once read in her own world. The nanites of Lunaria are enormously sophisticated versions of her world’s cellular-sized artificial machines. The nanites of Lunaria are the link that connects all life together. Their patterns are life itself. As Claire explores deeper into the way she sees through these patterns, she comes to realize that her interaction with the tiny creatures allows her to heal, to communicate with certain others, and to sense as well as use what others call “Objects of Power” which are actually constructs created my mysterious machines that use these nanites to form patterns in solid form.

There is no magic in Lunaria, or at least no more so than we imagine in our own mundane world, but there is great power and great danger in manipulating the real world through the aggregate power of the nanites. Claire is not unopposed in her ambitions as the Queen of Lunaria. A Dark Sage hovers in the background, dogging her every move. Jallis Ruffin moves his pieces on the board to threaten Claire and her friends. Finally, in the upcoming seventh volume, The Gate of Kamoria, he moves into the open to confront Claire in a colossal battle that might conceivably threaten the world itself.

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