Rachel Maddow

September 21, 2014


I have been a fan of Bill Moyers for many years. I may not always have agreed with him, but I have watched him grow from his days with President Johnson and believe that he is one of the most dedicated defenders of the American people. He chooses people with wisdom and debates their answers to pressing problems. If he is partial to liberal attitudes towards the solution to the pain in our land, I do not make any excuses for this. I even admire his Christian attitude. He may be one of the few authentic Christians I know.

The young and vibrant Rachel Maddow follows in the vein of Moyers. Liberal blood flows in her arteries. Yes, she can be excessively colorful. Yes, she is inclined to express her delight when the reasons why things go wrong are revealed, but like Bill Moyers, I never hear her confuse opinion with fact. She is most serious in this way. She is not afraid to puncture any position which is based on fiction. In a time in which our Congress is more interested in its personal gain than in governance, she has much material for her dialogue.

And I do mean to emphasize dialogue. Much of what we hear are monologues of ill-conceived opinion stated as fact; global warning is a myth, evolution is a liberal conspiracy,  and so forth. Maddow, like Moyers, extends an invitation for us to think. What a novel idea!

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