Pale Fire by Penny Ash

November 17, 2010


From the moment I met Sasha in the sewers in Moscow I knew I’d be in for fast paced race to the finish. The best part was that I had no idea where that finish was going to be.

I don’t believe I’ve ever read in the “erotic alien abduction” genre. In fact, I had no idea what such a thing was. I’d read some of Penny Ash’s words on Twitter and liked the way she communicated so I decided to read “Pale Fire.” I’m glad I did, although I had to wade through Vladimir Nabokov’s book by the same name before I found Penny Ash’s Kindle book on the shelf at Amazon.

My taste buds haven’t been tuned to this kind of writing, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that Ash has a flair for the sublime. I’m not going into the plot because I don’t want to drop any spoilers, but frankly I found this book a satisfying combination of humor and some really serious philosophical thinking. Did I mention that Pale Fire is fast paced? By the time I arrived at the very satisfying conclusion I was breathless as well as please with how things turned out.

Her female characters are fleshed out in ways so that even a man could understand and approve of the motivations of a determined woman. I found her development of the principal male character to be totally charming. Sasha becomes the man that every woman hopes a man will be—at least that’s what my wife tells me when she finished the book.

Read this book if you want a fresh take on how good and evil clash. The nicest part about this is that you’ll feel really good when you finish.

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