Hard Beds

March 1, 2009


Of course, here we are at the entrance to the Thai restaurant. My best guess at translation of the sign over the door to the Thai restaurant is “Fat Customers”. A young woman in traditional Thai garments greets us in an anteroom decorated with Buddhist prints, originals on silk, I think, and leads us into one of three small dining areas. It is very quiet, with the restful sounds of a fountain, whether produced by an actual fountain or one on tape I do not know, hovering in the background. We seem to be either their only customers, or their first customers. I remember the manager’s words “creative” and “unique”.

She bows to us, and offers us Jasmine tea. The tea is both genuine and delicious. We smile at each other.

The first dish is a seafood soup made with coconut milk and various herb barks and woods. The particular spice balance is unique to our experience, and after determining what is there for spice and what is there to eat, we find this soup to be perhaps the best that we have ever had, including our travels in Singapore.

The other dish that we find an unusual treat is the delicately broiled octopus in a dill sauce served over a bed of thinly sliced bamboo shoots and peppers. Both Lydia and myself love squid and octopus in almost any form, and this is very hot, yet flavorful. We both agree that this rivals or exceeds anything we have eaten, and we don’t say that lightly after our years in New Orleans.

Returning from our dining experience, the manager seems relieved to see us. I wax eloquent over the peppered squid, but he seems to turn a bit green. Perhaps he really is a fan of Denny’s mashed potatoes and English peas.

As they say, if the squid don’t return or the coconut milk doesn’t ferment, tomorrow will see me out at JPL.

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