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Losing Weight, it’s about the Taste

August 30, 2010

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I wanted to step up to a subject which is on nearly every one’s mind. There will be no depressing political harangues, no complicated arguments, just descriptions of pure pleasure–losing weight and enjoying the process. “Ha!” you say. “Fact or fantasy?” In our case, fact. I’ve lost 27 pounds, my wife reached her ideal weight […]

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Lesson for Lazy Cooks

August 25, 2010


At the risk of repeating myself, I’m going to incur the wrath of certain cooks by trying to destroy one of those myths that plagues people who would like to eat fresh bread but have no local or decent bakery. Sorry, dedicated bread makers, but this business about complicated bread making is pure crap. You […]

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Corpus Christi

August 16, 2010


I know that there are good things to eat along the Texas Gulf coast. Certainly the old city of Corpus Christi has long been a place where one might findĀ  good food and drink. However, after last nights debacle at Snoopy’s my faith was severely shaken. Normally I don’t like to give a negative review. […]

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Boudin Balls

March 1, 2009


For years I’ve recommended stopping in Holliers in Sulfur, Louisianna. Spend less than two dollars and eat two good boudin balls. These are hot and spicy. They’ve rebuilt after their fire, but can still be found at the sign of the concrete pig north from exit 20. Now, I’d have to say that although Holliers […]

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