Forbidden Technologies

October 16, 2014


Part of the idea for the world of Lunaria is the proposition that there might be technologies that must be forbidden. In our world, the proposition that no amount of control can completely excise the chance for evil to profit from something intended for good is obscured by the near-religious call for free market and uninhibited freedom that verges on anarchy. It’s a common theme in our own world, though the arguments are usually couched in obscure language that makes it difficult to engage in useful dialogue concerning things like global warming, a subject which attracts polarizing charge like a  lightening rod in a thunderstorm.

We seem incapable of accepting that great good often is the mirror to great evil, and that understanding one must of necessity require us to deal with the other. So, we pretend that  we face each other across an unconquerable divide while the real evil circles behind the wagons and slays us in our bed. Claire’s story is not a tiresome reminder of these facts and definitely not a lesson in morality, but it does reflect how  little pitfalls often encountered can yawn like a pit under out feet, sucking us suddenly under where only moments before we felt so safe and secure. I believe that’s why it is called an Epic adventure.

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