Ends and Beginnings

October 5, 2014


As sometimes happens, when I reached the End of Twin Scepters I had to restrain a feeling of great sadness. I had to remind myself that No Great Good Comes without Great Sacrifice. Never! So, I beg the readers, should they burst into tears when they finish book six, to remember that great sacrifice is often the harbinger of great good.

After all, the story of Claire and Lunaria is an Epic tale of adventure. One person told me, after reading one of our books, that she cried all the way through. “I cried when it was happy, and I cried when it was sad.” I have never known what to make of this. I never realized that the story could be that emotional. I suppose it always depends on how our words relate to a particular person’s experience. I don’t know whether I should apologize or be pleased.

We plan to write two more books in the Lunarian Series, completing the first cycle of the grand tale in eight volumes. After that, I don’t know what will happen. Perhaps our people’s lives will go on and on. There is certainly no lack of material. What started out to be something that would be covered in two books has turned into something that has occupied my attention over several years. Like the life of our Claire Fisher, the little girl who felt unwanted, I suppose we’ll just have to see what happens as we grow old.


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