Twin Scepters

October 2, 2014


Twin Scepters is the title of book six in the Lunarian Series. So far it has been the most satisfying to write. It takes the story of Claire, now Queen of Lunaria, through the birth of the twins, Burton and Edward, and tells the story of how she was accused of treason and must to flee for her life. The High Council has reason to fear and hate Lady Claire. She is privy to the secret of how Torval Garrund, leader of the Council, is plotting to overthrow her husband, Pemburton Windover, the rightful King of Lunaria, and replace him with an oligarchy which he will control.

To make matters even more difficult, Gilbert Greybaird, Lord of Greyhaven and the King’s Councilor as well as the rightful heir to the position of Leader of the Palace Guard, knows that Garrund covets his daughter’s child, Illaina, who he intends to use to gain power over Greyhaven and the entry into the Great Forest, the center of much of the power in Lunaria. Gilbert, who has promoted and protected Claire so that she may save the Kingdom of Lunaria from the despotism of the Council, knows he will have to chose between his daughter, Astora, and Claire. He is torn between Blood, Honor, and Loyalty.

How this all works out is the basis for what will happen in Book Seven, the Story of Tess and Royard, and, ultimately, the Return of the King. Don’t miss Book Six, the Twin Scepters, due to come out on Amazon before Christmas, 2014.

Charles Frenzel, writing as half of L.C. Frenzel

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