Brewed Awakenings

September 20, 2014


There’s a charming little coffee house called Brewed Awakenings near where we live in Vancouver,  Washington. Lydia and I come to write here most mornings. I sit by the window and see Mt. Hood in the distance. Snow still covers its peak. Fall is creeping in at our lower altitude, and the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn. The reds and golds are breathtaking. We had a wind storm last week, but fortunately the leaves weren’t ready to drop, so it looks as if we’ll have another beautiful Fall.

Not much rain yet. Last year we enjoyed the mist, rain, and the gently climate as it made its slow way into a mild winter. Folks worried that we’d be depressed at so much cloudiness and drizzle, but after what amounts to a near-desert in central Texas, we have enjoyed to the mild damp climate in the Vancouver area. I don’t think we’ll grow tired of water anytime soon.

Book Five, Rissa and Turlo, finally got published and is available on Amazon. It took us too long to get this book out. Book Six, Twin Scepters, in which Claire is accused of being a traitor to Lunaria, is nearing completion. Some readers may find it sad, as it covers a period in Claire’s life when so much hope for the future is destroyed by greed and ambition within Lunaria’s High Council. There are terrible decisions to be  made, none of which seem to be good. Rissa and Turlo are left behind, Tess and Royard are dragged into the struggle, and Gilbert Greybaird must face agonizing personal choices. The bright spot is the birth of Burton and Edward to Claire–and little Fitz to Tess. The children are the future, and Pem and Claire are determined that they will have what she they seem about to lose. We’ll see how this develops.

We were glad to see that the referendum in Scotland had been concluded. So much uncertainty! We have friends on both sides of the issues and I hope all wounds will heal. I know that I would miss the unity of the Isles, but the excitement of a fresh, new Scotland is not to be dismissed. Maybe the Conservatives will learn to change course. Maybe not.

War looms in Iraq and  Syria. I have some strong opinions on this subject. Climate change is a far more urgent issue, but the people of this planet seem far away from a cooperative attitude. We are entering a period which may prove more dangerous than the threat of nuclear war. I have seen both peacetime and war. I preferred the peace.



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