Babies in Cages, Towers that Babble, Stupid Questions, Two Left Feet, and a Head Filled with Toys.

March 21, 2014

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A place for meditation and a new walking stick.

A place for meditation and a new walking stick.

The falls are a lot larger and deeper than it looks in this photo. It’s a place along the trail where I walk quite often, especially when I feel puzzled about life. Age is supposed to bring the possibility of wisdom, but unless wisdom mainly consists of wondering if I ever knew anything at all, I’m missing part of the equation.

Like today. I remembered five art projects that I’ve been wanting to do. You might even say they are important to me. It’s the legacy thing. When you get older you start thinking about a lot of useless things, like what people will remember about you. If I describe them, perhaps they will live on much better than if I got around to actualizing them.

1. A wire cage in the shape of a large head. It is filled with small toys, especially a teddy bear that I remember from when I was five years old. My grandmother sewed some clothes for him. It’s the feel of the brown corduroy jumper that I remember.

2. An archway that features two left feet at the base on each side. In my imagination I call it Two Left Feet, sort of like after the Irish movie, though not for any of the same reasons. It’s really about two strangers passing in the night. I hope you get the reference.

3.  No child left behind. I really wanted to do this one. I pictured a cage on top of a car, The car is stuffed with all of the useless odds and ends that we manage to collect. The baby (in this case a life-sized doll) is placed in the cage by one of the parents, and then the car drives off. No child left behind. Best video.

4. A black box with a white button on the side. The sign say, “Push button and record your question.” Once the button is pushed and the question is recorded, the phone inside the box begins dialing numbers at random and asking whoever answers if they would answer the question. It keeps dialing until some one responds. Don’t we all have lots of questions that should be answered this way?

5. The last of this group is really a joke on our culture. The Tower of Babble. Relax, it’s only a pun, not a misspelling. Numerous repeaters stand like black totems around the room. Whisper into any one of them and the next one picks up the rebroadcast and so on until the whole thing is repeating nonsense at an ever increase rate but, at the same time, an ever decreasing volume until silence is once again achieved. Sound familiar?


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