The Goat Next Door

April 29, 2011


Okay, I’ve had enough billy goat to last me a lifetime. This one is a curly-haired, horned beast with a playful disposition that belongs somewhere on a farm and not in a back yard. Lately the goat has decided that our land looks much more attractive than his and has found a way through or over the fence. Of course that’s because there’s all this spinach, chard, tomatoes, and beets growing in orderly rows.

I just got a frantic call from my wife who is normally pretty cool around animals. But Billy has become¬† agressive and he may weigh as much as my wife, so she had to abandon her camera on top of the trash can and escape with her laptop computer while I wrestled with Billy who was trying to follow her in the back door. Naturally his owners are nowhere to be found and now I have a crew coming to remove some antiques for a fund raiser this afternoon. I wonder how this confrontation will transpire. I managed to lock Billy into one side of our yard but I don’t have much hopes for our flowers or anything else that looks edible.¬† I’m starting to think in terms of smoked goat wrapped in banana leaves, Hawaiian style if the owners don’t show up before all my red poppies are gone.

There is an update on this story. Billie has moved to a farm.



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