Elisabeth Sladen Dies

April 19, 2011


As a lifelong follower of Doctor Who, I  mourn the passing of Elisabeth Sladen, the Doctor’s pluckiest, most worthy companion of all time. Not that I haven’t liked other companions, but there was something about the character of Sarah Jane that Elisabeth Sladen created that was like a primal force that overcame all opposition through the application of gentle, human concerns.

In the Children’s Series,The Adventures of Sarah Jane, she presented children who were brave and thoughtful, bright and tolerant to a world where the stereotyped child is a spoiled, over-entitled brat unloved and unloveable by friends and family. And, even though it was a children’s series, I found myself watching in amazement as Elisabeth Sladen wove her magic to create a world where the unknown and bizarre must be met head on without undue fear and without prejudice.

I will miss her.

Elisabeth Sladen Dies at 63.


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