Valerie Dickison’s New Book “Lydia of Grayfields”

March 18, 2011


To say that I enjoyed reading Valerie Dickison’s new children’s book, Lydia of Grayfields,  would be a gross understatement. I think it will have all the potential for being another Winnie the Pooh. It crosses all age groups, although it is aimed at precocious young pre-teen readers.

The subtitle is The Cat that Chose to Speak. It’s an interesting proposition, not because we are drawn into a world where a cat can speak, but because the cat chooses to speak. Otherwise we’d have a simple, bland Disney tale about a talking cat which isn’t at all what Lydia of Grayfields is about.

The illustrations are also by the author which adds considerable charm and actually is an important guide to how the author wants us to see the book. The context is humorous, but with serious overtones that are addressed in the story in a way that I think both children as well as senior citizens will find satisfying.

I expect it will be out as a Kindle edition on Amazon on March 24, 2011. An edition suitable for reading on the Nook is planned for early summer. Get this book and read it! It will warm your heart as it did mine.

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