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Happiness and Perfection

March 28, 2011

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I was very disturbed the other day to hear someone pound the table and say that ” we should wait for the perfect solution and we will all be much happier.” Classically, what was so profoundly attractive about our culture was embedded in the single phrase “pursuit of happiness.” To explain, happiness isn’t about joy; […]

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Valerie Dickison’s New Book “Lydia of Grayfields”

March 18, 2011


To say that I enjoyed reading Valerie Dickison’s new children’s book, Lydia of Grayfields,  would be a gross understatement. I think it will have all the potential for being another Winnie the Pooh. It crosses all age groups, although it is aimed at precocious young pre-teen readers. The subtitle is The Cat that Chose to […]

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