A Peek at the Next Callie Houston Thriller

August 31, 2010


Our friend and companion, our dog, Bilbo, died an untimely death outside of Hammond, Louisiana. My wife and I  felt that this second book in the Callie Houston Series was one way to revisit some of our most treasured memories of our times together.

Callie, our orphaned  girl from Hammond, Louisiana, has finished high school and is spending the summer working for her guardian, Morgan. Callie’s dog, Boudreaux, a black, curly-haired mutt, seems unusually listless. Wondering why her dog is sick, she takes a sample of the pet food to Morgan’s laboratory where she works in one of the water quality labs. When she sneaks in the pet food sample for analysis, she discovers a horrifying secret. She decides to take action on her own, not wanting to involve Morgan or her lawyer friend, Noel Webster.

Callie, who is headstrong and independent,  is not to be deterred by the evil manager of a pet food plant near New Orleans.  She runs into dire trouble as she  uncovers a secret that may disturb pet owners everywhere.

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I've been writing all my life. I've also painted, composed, sculpted, contributed to molecular research, advanced some mathematical concepts, lived on a sailboat, and worked for a Nobel Prize winner. Nothing in my life has pleased me more than to share my life with my wife and friend of over forty years.

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