What If a Terrorist Did This?

May 11, 2010


In this scenario, The “Foreign Organization” substitutes one batch of cell phones (thousands) for another. The new cell phones are exactly like the original except that a small explosive charge has been substituted as a dummy chip in the circuit. When a certain number is dialed by the new owner, the phone explodes killing its user. During the Superbowl commercial break, a number to call to receive your free …you get the picture.

Several years ago, when the Internet and cell phones weren’t so widespread,  I developed this theme at some length. I finally abandoned it because it seemed too limited, but in light of some of today’s activities, it seems less unlikely.

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5 Responses to “What If a Terrorist Did This?”

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  3. Amy Says:

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  4. Valerie Dickison Says:

    In the words of Rodney King, “Why can’t we just all get along?” Obviously a terrorist or religious zealot of any faith or persuasion wants things his way and not yours. Hence, the eternal conflict. I am reminded of a visit to the United Nations Bldg in Geneva, Switzerland a few years ago. We were a group of Rotarians on the last tour of the day. A few stragglers came in and wanted to join out tour. They were obviously of Eastern Indian descent, dressed in native garb and were very dark skinned. Our tour leader (who I called “The Old Nazi”) objected boisterously, refusing to allow the interlopers to join our tour group. We were embarrassed; we protested and insisted the late-comers join our party. The senior gentleman of the Indian family replied in the most beautiful “King’s English” accent I have ever heard “Why can’t we just all get alone?”

  5. Valerie Dickison Says:

    Get along, not get alone.

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