Puzzle Pieces

February 28, 2009


Oklahoma, 1952.
At first the tassels of corn did not stir,
the stalks did not rustle, the bees did not bustle.
of water there was none to fuss of.
Then Kansas moved where the wild winds blew,
settled where the wild winds slowed. There was
a lot of Kansas falling in the yard.
There was dust in the house shut hot,
and grit in the greens.

Oklahoma, 1958.
Over a fragile nightflower open soon,
fireflies soared in June and tangled
with her hair tumbling in sweetgrass;
and on belly white to moonlight, he did
Humpty, Humpty falling down, down,
to break exhausted, sucking hot lips,
two heat shimmers, late moon spinners
exchanging happy earthseed under stars.

New Orleans, 1982 .
How thang mumpus hang?
Incautious inflate, gnarly frawlic.
He smelled Urjuices running
with unconscious porpoise.
He seeded her gangly like a child and growdup new.
Loved her now, truwoman,
while comes his glue
to womankindness dew.

Such things that fly through mind
are not unblind as simple human hungers;
Daniel Dumpty, odd old cod, is close
with his God, but closer still
with tarots and mummers.

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I've been writing all my life. I've also painted, composed, sculpted, contributed to molecular research, advanced some mathematical concepts, lived on a sailboat, and worked for a Nobel Prize winner. Nothing in my life has pleased me more than to share my life with my wife and friend of over forty years.

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